Decorate Your Master Bathroom With A Dramatic Flair

Have you decided that you want a dramatic look for your master bathroom? Maybe you are looking for ideas that will help you to add pizzazz to the bathroom. If that's the case, read on for some ideas that might help you to design an attractive and unique room.

Install a Shower Door

Even though you might be considering having shower curtains that have a dramatic look to them, consider arranging for the installation of a glass shower door. By doing so, the shower doors will go well with any decor you might select in future years. The fact that glass shower doors are very affordable and easy to install is just an added bonus.

Keeping the glass clean will be simple, too. Just clean the glass with the same spray cleanser that you use on your bathroom mirrors and on the windows. It might also help to keep a squeegee in a convenient place next to the shower doors. That way you can spiffy the glass up every time the shower is used.

Consider the type of shower doors you want. For instance, maybe you want brass or chrome hardware as part of the design of the shower doors. Think of selecting the type of shower doors that have a towel rod as part of the design. Then you can put the bath mat on top of the shower door and use the rods for your towels.

Other Ideas

There are so many great things you can do to add a dramatic flair to your bathroom. Here are just a few.

Choose bold colored tile for your countertop. For instance, brick red or turquoise would both be good choices for a bold look.

Select cabinetry that will complement the countertops. If you went with turquoise tile, a very light hue of turquoise would be a great choice.

Choose cabinetry hardware that will go well with the hardware on your shower doors. If you chose brass for the shower door, choose brass knobs for the cabinets.

Instead of selecting a bold color for the wall paint, go with a very light tone. Then enhance it with stenciling in a bold color.

Select bath towels that will add pizzazz to the bathroom, too. Monogram the towels in metallic tones that will go well with the hardware you have chosen.

The artwork you select for your bathroom will play a big part in adding drama to the space. For instance, colorful animal prints in gold or silver frames would be just one good choice of dramatic art.