Replacing The Large Glass Windows In Your Commercial Property Or Store

Many commercial properties have large glass windows across the front of the building. This is especially true of retail spaces, but you will sometimes see them in offices as well. The glass in these windows is not common window glass, and if one of them is damaged, you will need to hire a commercial glass installer like Boulevard Glass & Metal Inc to replace the glass for you. 

Commercial Glass Versus Regular Glass

The large panes of glass that are used in the front of these commercial spaces are not your ordinary glass. The glass is tempered to add strength to it, and the sheets are typically layered together with a laminate between them. As a result, the glass is resistant to breaking, but the sheets are very heavy. They cannot be handled by one person, and in some cases, a machine is needed to put them in place. 

Getting the Right Glass For Your Needs

Because there are so many variations on the glass used in commercial projects, it is a good idea to get a glass installation company to come out and look at what is there already. If you are going to replace all the glass at once, you can select new glass that fits your needs, but if you have a broken or damaged window, you need the right glass to replace it with so it blends in with the existing panes in the building. If you have 1-inch glass, you can't really replace it with ½-inch glass because it won't fit and it would be very noticeable. Let the installer make a recommendation as they are the experts and can set you up with the right material for the job.

Upgrading The Existing Glass

If you are looking for an upgraded glass, the glass company can help you there as well. If you let them know what it is you are looking for, they can help you pick the right glass for your building. In an office building, for instance, you might want to have tinted glass that will let the light in but keep some of the heat out. For a storefront, it might be floor-to-ceiling sheets that are clear so that you can display items to bring people in. There are a lot of options that you can choose from, so sit down with the glass company to figure out what you need. The last thing you need is to order custom glass and have it not be right for your building or project. Not only are these large sheets of glass expensive, they are a lot of work to handle, and making a mistake that means handling the glass multiple times could result in damaged glass that can not be used on some other project.