Three Tips For Decorating Your Garden Window

If you have a garden window in your kitchen, make sure that you take full advantage of this unique arrangement. A garden window allows you to add plant life and other decorations to your kitchen space without taking up valuable counter space.

Add A Valance

When you have a garden window, you are not going to be able to use blinds, and you probably don't want to block all that light with curtains. However, you can still use a window treatment to dress up your garden window.

A valance is a great way to dress up a garden window. A valance is a piece of decorative cloth that goes across the top of your window. It provides a little protection from the sun and adds a little style to your garden window without blocking out all the light.

Find a valance that matches the color and style of the other window treatments in your house. The right valance can help bring together all the windows in your home.

Consider Hanging Plants

With a garden window, you can install a shelf so that you have two layers of plants growing in your garden window. If you want to get a little more creative though, consider adding hanging plants to your garden window in order to get the most use out of the space.

You can install the hooks for the hanging plants on the window head. This is a sturdy area to place some hooks that you can use for the long term. Hang some beautiful flowers or draping plants that grow upward or even trail over the side of your planters. This is a great way to use the entire space within your garden window.

Add Some Herbs

If you are not sure what type of plants to grow in your kitchen, consider growing some of the herbs that you use the most in your kitchen, such as basil, chives, mint, and oregano. You can grow herbs in your garden window all year. This will allow you access to fresh and tasty herbs for your cooking even in the dark winter months.

Growing herbs in your garden kitchen window can also help you step up your cooking game. Fresh herbs can really transform your food and your kitchen.

If you recently added a garden window to your kitchen, decorate it with a valance that matches with your other window treatments in your home to tie everything together. Take advantage of the full space of your garden window by growing herbs on the bottom shelf and hanging baskets of flowers to take advantage of the upward space your garden window creates.