Types Of Windshield Damage

Auto damage can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. Damage that seems superficial may actually be much more serious than it appears. In particular, window damage is exceptionally important to handle in an expedient fashion. Even if the damage isn't severe enough to put your vehicle out of commission, it can still pose a serious safety hazard.

To help you out, here is an overview of the different types of window damage:

Cracked Windshields: Repair vs. Replace

Your biggest concern is probably whether you can repair your window or if you will need to entirely replace it. Unfortunately, damage that appears superficial or minor can actually be very serious. The appearance of the crack is actually a very good indicator of the severity of the damage.

Here are some crack types that spell trouble and indicate that a replacement is in order:

  • Internal Cracks - Car windshields are specifically designed so that they can withstand minor damage to the exterior. However, windshields are not built to handle damage from the inside. Although a crack on the inside of the windshield may seem small, it represents a much greater threat to the integrity of the windshield than a comparable crack on the exterior might.
  • Cracks That Obscure Vision - Cracks that appear directly in front of the driver can be a huge problem. Even after repairs, the windshield might not offer the same visibility as before the damage occurred.
  • Deep Cracks - If the crack penetrates deep into the windshield, repairs might not be an option. Windshields consist of several layers of glass and the outermost layer is easily able to handle most small damage. However, like with internal cracks, a crack that penetrates past that protective layer can severely compromise the overall integrity.
  • Wide Chips - Large radial chips can't be repaired very easily. If they are larger than an inch or two across, replacement might be your best bet.
  • Long Cracks - The length of the crack plays an integral role in how easy it is to repair. If a crack is less than a foot long, then chances are that you can get it repaired, as long as it is the only crack involved.
  • Edge Cracks - Finally, if there are cracks or chips near the very edge of your windshield, then you might have no choice but to replace the entire windshield. Damage to the edges of the windshield can rapidly spread at a moment's notice.

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