Does Your Business Need New Windows? What To Know When You Upgrade

If you have a lot of large windows throughout your commercial property and you think it's time to replace them, there are some things to consider so you make the best investment. You want to get windows that are going to improve your property, and help you save money.

Not all glass is the same, and a commercial glass service should give you a variety of options to choose from when they come to your home to give you an estimate. Here are a few key features to look for.

Resistance and Strength

You want windows that are going to be impact resistant against high winds and potential flying debris that can be present during a storm or natural disaster. Not only does this make the windows less likely to shatter, but it's also going to make the building safer for all of your staff and customers. Your commercial property insurance provider should give a discount for choosing building materials that are impact resistant.

Energy Efficiency

Understanding the product's insulated value and how well the windows prevent solar heat transfer and keep air inside the building is important. Talk with the window installation contractors and tell them you want the most energy-efficient models possible or at least the most efficient windows you can afford. This is going to lower heating costs by trapping air inside the building during the winter, and the glass should act as a barrier to sun rays throughout the summer.


Window glazing is a great option to add to your windows. The glazing is going to improve the efficiency, and a tinted glaze adds even more benefits. A tinted glaze will prevent glares from the windows inside the space, it will add some privacy for those inside of the building, and it will help stop direct sunlight from causing fading. There should be window options that come already glazed.

If you know your commercial property needs new windows, don't put off making the investment. Compare the quotes from local contractors to get the best deal, and have the installation completed to improve your building. With the new windows installed, have an appraiser evaluate the building to make sure you have the right amount of coverage with your insurance provider in case anything where to happen. You'll start saving money on heating and cooling costs as soon as the windows are replaced, and you may get a tax rebate for choosing an ecologically friendly replacement option.