Install A New Pane Of Glass In A French Door

Learn how to install a new pane of glass in a french door leading to an outdoor sundeck with the following steps. Replacing the glass will increase the beauty of the door and will reduce drafts in your home.


  • safety goggles
  • vinyl tarp
  • rubber mallet
  • narrow paint scraper
  • measuring tape
  • hand sander
  • sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • putty knife
  • glazing compound
  • glass points

Remove Broken Glass And Glazing Compound

Secure the door so that it doesn't swing open as you are replacing the window pane. Set up a tarp on the floor to catch glass fragments. Put on a pair of safety goggles and disposable gloves so that you aren't injured by sharp shards of glass. Gently grasp the glass pieces and pull them out of the frame. If some pieces are difficult to remove, tap them gently with a rubber mallet.

Use a narrow paint scraper to remove tiny fragments of glass from the frame. Scrape off glazing compound from the door's frame with a putty knife. Remove glazing points by prying them loose with the edge of a putty knife. Glazing points are small metal pieces that assist with holding glass panes in place. Lightly sand the frame with a piece of fine grit paper and a hand sander. Wipe away residue from the frame with a tack cloth. Empty the contents on the tarp into a trash bag and secure it.

Install The New Glass Pane

Measure the length and width of the frame so that you purchase a piece of glass that is the proper size. Set the glass on a flat surface as you apply glazing compound to the interior part of the frame. Place a small amount of compound on the end of a putty knife and move it over the interior portion of the frame. Add more compound as needed until the interior is evenly coated.

Insert the new pane in the frame. Add glazing points evenly around the pane. Line a point up so that the sharp end of it is facing the frame. Tap the other end of the point with a mallet to push it into the frame. Continue the same steps with the remaining points. Wait for the glazing compound to dry before opening the door or touching the glass. This may take a few hours. The door will be restored to its original condition and you will no longer need to worry about losing heat from your home or experiencing drafty conditions. 

For more information, contact Ryan's All-Glass or a similar company.