4 Options For Handling A Broken Window Seal

You may not pay much notice to your window seals, but they perform a very vital purpose. They help to maintain the temperatures inside your home, whether you have the heater or air on, or nothing at all. However, if you notice that one of the windows keeps fogging up or there is a lot of condensation on it, the seal might be failing. Here are some different options for dealing with a broken window seal.  

Repair Just the Seal

If you aren't quite ready to replace the entire window, consider repairing just the seal of the window. Most home improvement stores sell the products you need to accomplish this. They include detailed instructions for making the necessary repairs. The main purpose of repair kits is to install a new valve and seal on the problem window. Once you repair it, you should no longer experience a loss of heat and the condensation issue will be gone. This is often one of the first steps since it is considerably less expensive than getting a new window.

Contact a Glazier

A glazier is someone that specializes in window glass and repairs. They can also provide repairs on the window seal itself if you are not quite ready for the investment of a brand new window. Request a consultation from a local glazier and get their expert opinion on what your next steps should be. They will either recommend a new window seal or depending on your local climate, might request to have the window replaced.

Replace the Window

If you live in a harsh climate and you are in the middle of winter, loss of heat from just one failed window seal can be disastrous to your energy bill. In this case, you might want to consider replacing the window instead of just repairing the seal. After all, the window seal could fail again, then you would be at square one again. 

Consider Leaving the Seal Alone

Depending on where you live and what type of weather you have, you might not need that window seal quite as much as you think. For example, if you live somewhere with a mild climate that doesn't get too cold in the winter, you can probably do without it. You might also not need it if you have double-pane glass since this naturally provides additional insulation. You can always call a window repair professional (such as one from K & W Glass Inc) to get their advice and find out how essential the seal is.