Stained Glass Window Ideas For Your Home

Stained glass windows are a cool way to add unique appeal to any room in your house. Here are some ideas for patterns and placement so you can adorn your home with whimsical, colorful windows you'll absolutely adore.

Front door

If you have a front door with a windows, upgrade them to stained glass to really make your entry stand out. Since these windows are small, you don't want to choose a pattern that is too busy. A single grape vine design or small flowers with a green background can make your front door look amazing. You can also choose a checkered pattern with lead lines in the glass to give your front door a charming appeal without overwhelming the small sheet of glass you are working with.


Your kitchen can use a little pizazz, and stained glass windows are an excellent way to achieve this. The best way to choose a color scheme for your windows is to match the hues with your sink. If you have bronze sink fixtures, have stained glass patterns installed that feature yellows, oranges, and reds. If your kitchen fixtures are chrome or silver, choose blues, purples, pinks, and deep greens in a variety of patterns to make your window amazing. If you still want to use your kitchen window for regular lighting, consider having glass installed with a stained border instead of a whole sheet of stained glass.

Living room

Bay windows can create the perfect conversation piece in your living room if you put stained glass in the largest window. For this room, bold patterns make the biggest statement. Choose rounded shapes and patterns in a variety of hues you love to give your room a soft and whimsical charm. If using a checkered stained glass pattern, consider only using stained glass in the top or bottom of the window or as a border to avoid a look that is too rigid.

You can have stained glass windows custom made to suit your taste or choose styles that in stock by your local glass installation company. Once installed in your home, all you have to do is keep these windows clean and free of dust and debris to allow them to maintain their luster. When the sun hits these windows just right, you should have a whimsical color display of light that you'll love. Ask your professional glass installation expert at a place like Custom Glass Mirror Image LLC what glass options are available to you.