Get Clean In Your New Clean And Modern Bathroom

Clean today is more than what you get in a bathroom, it's also an adjective used to describe the modern style that is popular for bathroom remodeling today. If you are planning a remodel or are building a new home, opt for the sleek, modern, and clean look of a minimalist style. Here are a few things to consider to achieve this look.

Straight Lines

The modern style is not curvy. Everything from cabinets to commodes can have straight lines as their focal point. If you think that's not possible, take a look at the square toilets available on the market. They are sure to add just the right look to your new bathroom. They even have them in a dual flush model where you can choose how much water is used in each flush. How's that for modern?

Lots Of Glass and Mirrors

One way to get that crisp look is with a glass shower wall from a company like Glass-Pros. This can be made from glass block if you want a little privacy, or just from clear sheets of glass. Glass walls also make great dividers between the tub area and the rest of the room. You can get them in frosted or etched styles if you prefer, but the true minimalist in you will probably choose clear.

Mirrors are another wonderful addition; they can make the room appear much larger than it is. For this reason you can now find full wall mirrors in some newer remodels. Another popular place for mirror finishes is on cabinet doors, and not just medicine cabinets, but all of them.

To keep all these shiny surfaces looking great (without having to clean them every day), treat them with a protective coating agent like one you would use on your car windshield. This will help them stay spot free between cleanings.


While chrome toilets and sinks may be taking things a bit far (or not!) metal does give your bathroom a cool and clean touch. A chrome faucet with clean lines will certainly fit with your new decor. Waterfall showerheads and cabinet accents are another way to showcase metal in your new room. Stick to chrome and stainless steel colors for the cool look, if that's what you're going for. Bronze and pewter tend to give off a warmer vibe.

If you like the minimal look of clean lines and modern contemporary style, the newer fixtures, materials, and cabinets available today make it easy to achieve that look.